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Pro-life, Pro-2nd Amendment, and committed to being a good steward of your tax dollars. That’s what makes Twinkle Cavanaugh a proven leader for a brighter Alabama.

Turning Christian Values into Conservative Government

We Will Make Alabama Shine!

Twinkle Cavanaugh is a mother, a conservative, and a proven voice for pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment values. She is the best choice to lead the charge to restore our state’s image and elevate Alabama into a land of opportunity for generations to come.

As the president of the Public Service Commission, Twinkle has done more than just talk about Christian values. She has put them to work, leading the effort to return over $50 million to taxpayers, cutting her agency’s staff by 40%, and cutting her agency’s use of state vehicles by 60%. She even refused to take a state car for herself.

That’s how Twinkle Cavanaugh turns Christian values into conservative government.

Since last January, Twinkle has traveled over 40,000 miles on her personal vehicle while meeting, speaking with, and listening to thousands of Alabamians. With your help, she will bring her positive vision to the Lieutenant Governor’s office and make Alabama shine!

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